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Juicepresso USA


Juicepresso is the most efficient cold-press juicing machine on the market today.  Blenders and mixers actually destroy nutrients due to friction and heat while Juicepresso's cold press process squeezes out the vital nutrients in all fruits and veggies to deliver you the most nutritious juice available.  

Buying a Juicepresso from Juicepressousa.com comes complete with a 7 year guarantee, the best guarantee available.  We also guarantee satisfaction or your money back.  Lose weight, get healthier, and feel better with your own Juicepresso from Juicepressousa.com. 




What are our customers saying about Juicepresso?


"Thank you, Juicepressso USA. I've been juicing for decades and this is the easiest cleaning juicer I've ever owned. I love my Juicepresso!"
Carol - San Francisco


"I used to spend about $450 every few months on a juice cleanse. Thanks to Juicepressso, I spent $400 once and
$40 in produce and made my own custom 7 day cleanse. I can't wait to cleanse more often. Thanks Juicepresso USA!
Steven - Chicago


I can't believe I've finally got the entire family juicing. My kids love using the machine with me. They get to put in their own ingredients and because the juice lasts for three days in the fridge they don't have to drink it all at once. My husband is even juicing. Thanks Juicepresso!
Charlie - Portland