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Don’t Cramp Your Workout Style

Don’t Cramp Your Workout Style

A new way to prevent muscle cramps naturally with 3 simple ingredients!

Ginger. Cinnamon. Capsicum.

We’ve all been told that muscle cramping stems from dehydration or low electrolyte levels…but now studies show that may not be the case.

Rod MacKinnon, a Nobel Prize winning scientist who studies molecular neurobiology and biophysics at Rockefeller University, has led the new thinking on cramps.

A shot of spicy liquid – on the level of wasabi, hot chili, mustard –may be more effective than bananas and energy drinks.

The spicy shot modifies the nervous system, including the motor neurons controlling muscle, by applying a strong sensory input and by stimulating receptors in the mouth and esophagus. Basically, ingesting pungent tasting foods.

“The pungent-taste overloads nerve receptors, producing a kind of numbing effect,” Dr. MacKinnon explains. “The strong sensory input causes inhibition of the motor output.”

And that’s the point! You should shock the system, not replenishing it.

Earlier this year, he helped produce a product with a biotech company that aids and prevents muscle cramps, called Hotshot. This concoction contains ginger, cinnamon and capsicum—spicy pepper plants— and comes in 1.7 ounce bottles.

So, the good news is that there is a promising solution to your muscle cramps. Bad news? It will cost you. Just 12 doses will run you $65. Why pay that much when you can juice it at home for next to nothing??

Just include the 3 simple ingredients – ginger, cinnamon, capsicum – to your juice and drink it before your workout.

Read more about this discovery here.




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