Product Description

Cold press juicing slowly crushes, then compresses the fruits and vegetables to get the greatest volume of juice. Unlike blenders and centrifugal juicers, this process does not damage the juice on a cellular level. Juicepresso juice maintains it’s nutritional value for days instead of mere hours!

  • Gently pressing your fruits and vegetables increases the nutritional value of your juice, making it last much longer.
  • Clean Up With Juicepresso’s patented 3 in 1 screw(tm) technology, there is only one internal part to be cleaned. It can be quickly rinsed and is dishwasher safe unlike other products.
  • Juice Volume Cold press juicing yields up to 40% more juice than old-fashioned centrifugal juicers. Juicepresso pays for itself in a very short time and comes with a 7 year guarantee!



Additional Information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 5 in

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