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Rev ‘n’ Slim

Rev ‘n’ Slim

It’s time you turbocharge your metabolism!

Cold pressed juice gives you all the nutrients your body needs to function properly. It is a natural, easy and healthy way to increase your metabolism, which improves digestion and restores the digestive system to normal function. By boosting your slow metabolism and speeding up the rate at which you burn calories, you can reduce weight in a completely natural manner.

Having an optimum functioning metabolism is also key to preventing and fighting many diseases, especially certain types of cancers. It also helps you reduce high blood pressure, regulate diabetes and detoxifies and cleanses the body. It eliminates toxins and neutralizes the free radicals responsible for common diseases and deterioration of health conditions.

The best results are achieved when cold pressed juice is consumed early in the morning, at least one hour before breakfast. Always use organic, fresh ingredients for best results.

The Rev Up, Slim Down


½ lime

1 1/2 apples

1 cup chopped pineapple

½ cucumber

3 kale leaves




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